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Artist's Statement

     I started out as a photographer with many years in the dark room. I often included photomontage and photo collage with my 'straight' photographs. I like mixing it up with materials and over the years have added painting and collage. I have exhibited my work nationally, but more recently have focused on local venues.

     I have many interests and my art work shows that. Love of shadow and light informs my photography. But I have also devoted a lot of time to politics and my work reflects a lot of social issues. The "Pattern" series is about expected roles of women and women deciding to make their own patterns. The "Freedom Without Borders" series addresses the issues we have all seen on our southern border. The "Patriot Act" series uses pages of a law book describing that legislation as the basis of a collage series which examines government authorized invasion of privacy.

     Because of my past work for oil companies and my world travels, including to Iceland where you can just stand there and see where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates are splitting apart, I have a great love of the earth and concern for how the people of the earth share the land. The saying, "Land is the source of all wealth," can be seen all over the planet. Hence, my series on "Dominion Over the Earth," which combines both concepts of land ownership and the earth's creation of itself.

     I have done a lot of art work during the quarantine which reflects imaginary and dream worlds. Consistent with my love of the earth and travel, I often use maps in collages. Creating new series, such as "Quarantine Dreams" and "Alternative Worlds" have been my way to travel during the time when ordinary travel has been much restricted. And even though our lives have been restricted, I find myself looking forward to the day because I have so much time to devote to art.




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