Pamela Pitt - Photography and Art

Artist Statement : Freedom Without Border Series

The Freedom Without Border Series is a natural extension of the Dominion Over the Earth Series. Borders follow the practice of dividing up the earth and its resources as private property. Our world is awash in politics and fighting dealing with territory, borders, refugees and immigrants. I started this as commentary on the horrible situation on our Southern Border. We have free trade which means people are free to send computers, produce, appiances, cars and all goods over the border in exchange for money. Foreigners can buy property in our country. Some people in our country, such as our real estate developer president, own property in other countries.

Only the individual worker cannot cross borders. A great deal of punishment is lowered on them to prevent disruption of real and personal property. Property values.

Now, with global warming, it is obvious that people are on the move because of the shrinking availability of arable land and the resulting food insecurity. In the meantime the ice is melting in Greenland and there is a race to monetize the land that is no longer frozen.

Birds can just fly across borders. But even the birds are dying because of global warming. 

Making art about this subject as part of the public discussion of what is happening seems a way to inject hope into finding a solution and cooperating with migrants, immigrants and all people on this planet.

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