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Artist Statement: Dominion Over the Earth (Monetizing the Planet)

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(Monetizing the Planet)


This series started as an homage to the earth. I was overwhelmed when I went to Iceland to be able to stand on land and just look down and see where the Eurasian tectonic plate and the North American tectonic plate are drifting apart. The work is also informed by my (slight) knowledge of geology I learned while working for oil companies. I am in awe of the earth and its history and development. So, the first part of the series was a meditation on the earth and its structures.


The next part of this series responds to the fact that people treat the earth as if they own it and have “Dominion Over the Earth.” There are property lines, state lines, borders, ownership of minerals and natural resources at certain subsurface designations. Water, trees and coastlines can be owned.  There are public lands and private lands. In Cuba, people are mostly limited to owning one property. Here, people can own as much property as they can buy. Others are homeless.


The real estate developer president is in the process of turning many of the Public Lands into private property ripe for wealth production. Common recreation spaces are shrinking. There is an old saying in the Real Estate business: “Land is the Source of All Wealth.” The flip side is “Land is the source of all inequality.” It did not start with homelessness. That is a symptom just like pollution is a symptom of the “Monetization of the Planet.”


The pieces in this series are not limited to one physical feature of the earth or one issue about how the earth is used. All of the considerations are colliding, just like the continents. More to come.


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