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Artist Statement: Dominion Over the Earth

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     There are questions that society needs to consider about land ownership and the commodification of the Earth and its resources. In this country land ownership is divided not only on the surface, but generally there is a separate ownership of the rights to drill for oil and excavate for other "resources" below the surface. The housing shortage that exists in cities San Francisco and generate another series of questions about land ownership.


    In Cuba people generally can own only one piece of real property. Contrast that to here where we now have a real estate developer as president with properties all over the country and the world while, at the same time, the population of the homeless and the dispossessed has risen. In Iceland tourists can stand on the ground and look down and see the place in the earth where the North American plate was slowly, slowly, slowly drifting away from the Eurasian plate. The Continental Drift Theory. All those plants. All those animals. Who owns them? How can some people own great swaths of land and others have nothing? What is trespassing? What makes trespassing a concept? Refugees pouring over so many borders recently makes it necessary to examine what function borders serve. There are lots of questions.


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